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Corstorphine Public Hall


The Masonic Lodge of St John Corstorphine has been associated with The Corstorphine Public Hall since it's commecement in 1892, and indeed many of the members of the Corstophine Lodge were involved in the original contruction. 

On 15th October 2013, a fire took hold of the building and brought great sadness to not only ourselves but the Community as a whole.  This was a very valuable resourse in the area which provided a home for the Corstorphine Youth Community Centre and it's function immediately ceased due to the devastating effects of the fire.


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Progress in the early stages ( 2 Years plus ) can seem very slow as there is a huge amount of background work with no visual rewards, however due to the continued focus from the Corstorphine Public Hall Committee the Insurance Claim has been paid & Architect's and Surveyor's have been appointed.  Plans drawn up do not focus on simply recreating the building as it was, but on bringing it into the 21st Century and providing a current look at what the community needs to provide increased flexibility and accessibility to increase the amount of activities this building can be used for.

Naturally, to not only rebuild, but to create a modern day version of the building costs money.  The Corstorphine Public Hall Company have set up a website to not ony inform the local community of the progress being made with the rebuilding project, but also to attract fundraisers who can contribute to the cause.

More information can be found here: site


Lodge St John Corstorphine are really excited and enthusiastic about this project and look forward to days where we can once again be a local Lodge within the Community of Corstorphine and back to the premises where out Lodge was created back in 1892.  It might take us a long time to re-create the feel of our Lodge rooms, 200 year old furnishings and gold painted lettering completed during WWII by a serving soldier who months later became one of the fallen, but we will be happy to be amongst the community who welcomed us back in the 19th Century.


Below you will see some of the images of the Lodge we had in Corstorphine.


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