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Address to a Haggis




Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, 
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye worthy o' a grace
As lang's my arm.

The groaning trencher there ye fill,Rabbie Burns circleYour hurdies like a distant hill,
Your pin wad help to mend a mill
In time o need,
While thro your pores the dews distil
Like amber bead.

His knife see rustic Labour dight,
An cut you up wi ready slight,
Trenching your gushing entrails bright,
Like onie ditch;
And then, O what a glorious sight,
Warm-reekin, rich!

Then, horn for horn, they stretch an strive:
Deil tak the hindmost, on they drive,
Till a' their weel-swall'd kytes belyve
Are bent like drums;
The auld Guidman, maist like to rive,
'Bethankit' hums.

Is there that owre his French ragout,
Or olio that wad staw a sow,
Or fricassee wad mak her spew
Wi perfect scunner,
Looks down wi sneering, scornfu view
On sic a dinner?

Poor devil! see him owre his trash,Heather and Thistle StemAs feckless as a wither'd rash,
His spindle shank a guid whip-lash,
His nieve a nit;
Thro bloody flood or field to dash,
O how unfit!

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
The trembling earth resounds his tread,
Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
He'll make it whissle;
An legs an arms, an heads will sned,
Like taps o thrissle.

Ye Pow'rs, wha mak mankind your care,
And dish them out their bill o fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
That jaups in luggies:
But, if ye wish her gratefu prayer,
Gie her a Haggis.




I Was Soon To Discover




I Was Soon To Discover 

I thought to myself, as my hands touched the door, 
What in the world am I doing this for? 
Dressed as I never expected to be, 
Were they going to play some fools game with me?

I stood there a moment, when I heard the command, 
You must knock on the door with your own hand. 
The door opened slightly, I thought to go in, 
But to my surprise, there were questions again.

I knew not the answers, but luck was with me, 
My guide seemed to know what the answers should be! 
When the door finally opened, and I was led in, 
I said to myself..........It's about to begin!

When they start to laugh, I'll hold my head high, 
I'll not step back, no matter what the outcry! 
As I walked on in, I could feel their eyes, 
But I heard no laughter......I heard no outcries.

They seemed to be following some sort of skit, 
I wasn't quite sure how all of it fit. 
My apprehensions were eased, my fears were no more, 
It was not as I imagined from without the door.

As I was soon to discover, it was a most solemn event, 
Instruction and guidance were their only intent. 
When it was all over I knew one thing for sure, 
I would never regret..... that first knock on the door.


Benjamin Franklin Quote




Benjamin Franklin statement



Last Night I Knelt Where Hiram Knelt...



Last night I knelt where Hiram knelt
And took an obligation.
Today I'm closer to my God
And I'm a Master Mason!
Tho' heretofore my fellow men
Seemed each one like the other.
Today I search each one apart;
I'm looking for "My Brother".
And, as I feel this friendly grip,
It fills my heart with pride;
I know that while I'm on the square
That he is on my side.
His footsteps on my errand go
If I should such require;
His prayers will plead in my behalf
If I should so desire.

My words are safe within his breast
As though within my own;
His hand forever at my back
To help me safely Home...
Good counsel whispers in my ear
And warns of any danger,
By Square and Compass, Brother now!
Who once would call me stranger.

I might have lived a moral life
And risen to distinction
Without my Brother's helping hand
And fellowship of Masons.
But God, who knows how hard it is
To resist life's temptations
Knows why I knelt where Hiram knelt
And took that obligation!!!

Do You Just Belong?




Do You Just Belong?

Are you an active member 
The kind that you would be missed? 
Or are you just contented 
That your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings and 
Mingle with the flock? 
Or do you just stay at home 
To criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part 
To help the work along? 
Or are you satisfied 
To only just belong?

Do you work with your committee 
And get right in and mix? 
Or leave the work to just a few 
And talk about the “CLIQUES”?

Think this over MEMBER_____________   
You know right from wrong! 
Are you an active member 


Author Unknown

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